Checking Clinics

Players Looking to gain confidence or improve skills already acquired

2hr one day Clinic - 12-14 yr olds

Beaumont Sports & Recreation Centre

Date: Thursday August 5th 7:00pm-9:00pm

          Sunday August 8th    5:45pm-7:45pm

Place: Beaumont Sport & Recreation Centre


Register your Player today!  Limited spots available


Recommended for 12-14 yr olds. 2009,2008,2007(Coed) With or without prior experience will benefit


Question: Can I sign my Son or daughter for more than 1 Clinic.

Yes!  Repetition and correction is key to any skill improvement. Main concepts are essential for each Clinic. We will interchange certain drills to add variety so if Players do participate in multiple dates.



Positioning and angling, stick checks, body contact & contact confidence

For beginners and those with experience. A very important skill set to learn and continuously develop. Young players have to be taught how to body check and how to protect themselves properly. Positioning and angling, stick position, contact confidence, body checking and game IQ can prepare a player to play safe while excelling in the game.

transparent Dangler small scale